Welcome To Sunday School

The objective of Sunday School at our church is to learn about God, the Bible, and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that becomes a part of our daily lives. We stress a balance between the theological and the practical and equip kids for service in the real world. Sunday School classes meet every Sunday from 12:30 – 1:30 pm right after the liturgy. We have classes ranging from preschool to high school with at least three servants per class. We are currently developing a new curriculum for all of the Sunday School classes that places a heavy emphasis on both the Bible and a personal relationship with Christ in daily living.


Coptic Language Resources

Coptic Language resources
Creed Handout

Creed Handout

28 April 2015
Pascha Week Materials

Pascha Week Materials

16 March 2015



Elementary Grades Parents Meeting

19 November 2014
A Parents Meeting primer to create a simplified Discussion around the topic of Identity. Why discuss Identity? We all need identity. Our Lord formed the identity of the...

Orhodox Creed


11 November 2014
"what do you believe in?" a question that could be asked in different ways. It also might mean the reasons of our hope according to St Peter in his letter. We should always be ready to...
The Orthodox Creed Presentations
9 November 2014

The Orthodox Creed Presentations

What we believe

The Orthodox Creed is our constitution as Christian Orthodox people. Spelled out in short statements, each coming directly from the Word of God. In these presentations, each phrase...