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Day 106: David – The Shepherd-Warrior

1.     Why was Saul’s army afraid of Goliath?

A.     The soldiers were hungry                 C. Saul loved Goliath

B.      Goliath had a gun                             D. He was giant and impossible to fight


2.     The giant had a sword; what did David say he came with?

A.     The name of the Lord of Hosts        C. 2 swords

B.      A gun                                                  D. 6000 soldiers


Day 107: David – The Giant-Killer

1.     What did Goliath think David would use for a weapon?

A.     A Knife                                                            C. A stick

B.      A spear                                                           D. A sword


2.     How did David kill Goliath?

A.     He threw a spear towards him        C. He hurled a stone into Goliath forehead

B.      He shot Goliath twice                       D. He threw fire on him


Day 108: David – King on the Run

1.     Why was Saul angry and jealous of David?

A.     David was taller than Saul                                      C. David was stronger than Saul

B.      People celebrated David more than Saul               D. Saul was poor


2.     What kind of men joined David?

A.     Ammonites                                                    C. Poor and troubled

B.      Righteous                                                       D. Rich



Day 109: David Spares Saul’s Life

1.     Why wouldn’t David kill Saul?

A.     Because David believed that Saul was God’s anointed king

B.      Because soldiers defended Saul

C.      Because Saul had a sword                           

D.     Because Saul loved God


2.     How did Saul know that David would be king?

A.     He had a dream                                             C. Samuel told him

B.      David met evil with good deeds                  D. David told him


Day 110: Saul Seeks Samuel’s Spirit

1.     Why wouldn’t God answer Saul?

A.     Because Saul was not obedient to God      C. Because Saul did not ask him

B.      Because Saul did not pray                            D. Because Samuel died


2.     What did David do when he heard that Saul was dead?

A.     He was angry                                                 C. He was happy

B.      He escaped                                                    D. He wept


Day 111: David – The Conquering King

1.     What did David do while the Philistines were setting up their camp?

A.     He prepared his soldiers                              C. He returned to his home

B.      He prayed                                                      D. He fought the Philistines


2.     What did the sound in the tree tops mean?

A.     God stroke down the Philistines army       C. The enemies were coming

B.      There was strong wind                                 D. It was time for prayer


Day 112: David – The Joyful Dancer

1.     Where was the ark when Saul ruled?

A.     In Bethlehem                                                 C. In Jerusalem

B.      With Samuel                                                  D. It was hidden away


2.     What did David do when the ark was brought to Jerusalem?

A.     He stayed in his palace                                 C. He sang praises and danced

B.      He played piano                                            D. He fought the enemies



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