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Day 1: God Addresses Gideon (pg. 193-194)

1.     What did God ask Gideon to do?

A.     Sacrifice a bull                       C. Sacrifice a horse

B.      Sacrifice a cow                       D. Sacrifice a human


2.     How many signs did Gideon ask for God to do?

A.      4                                              C. 2

B.      7                                              D. 3


Day 2: Gideon Picks His Men (pg. 194)

1.     How many men did Gideon have after the first 22, 000 left?

A.     100                 C. 10,000

B.      300                 D. 1,000


2.     Which men did Gideon chose?

A.       Those who bent down to drink the water       C. Those who didn’t drink

B.       Those who lapped the water                             D. Those who used a cup


Day 3: They Spy On The Midianites (pg.194-195)

1.     Who did Gideon take with him to the Midianites’ camp?

A.     Moses                         C. Joash

B.      Jacob                           D. Phurah


2.     What made Gideon feel strengthened to attack the Midianites?

A.      Gideon heard a man’s dream and its interpretation             C. The sun

B.      There were not many Midianites                                           D. The moon


Day 4: The Israelites Attack (pg. 196)

1.     How did Gideon conquer the Midianites?

A.     He burned their camp                                  C. He fed them poison

B.      His men blew on their trumpets and confused the Midianites that they killed each other                           D. He drowned them


2.     How many years did the Israelites live in peace during the life of Gideon?

A.     30 years                                             C. 20 years

B.      40 years                                            D. 50 years


Day 5: Jotham and Abimelech (pg. 198)

1.     How many sons did Gideon have?

A.     50                                C. 10

B.      30                                D. 70


2.     How did Abimelech become king?

A.     He killed all of his brothers except Jotham            C. He stole the crown

B.      He tricked them into making him king                  D. He burned down the kingdom


Day 6: Jephthah’s Vow (pg.200-201)

1.     Who was Jephthah?

A.      The son of Gideon                         C. The son of Gilead

B.      The son of Gibeon                         D. The son of Joash


2.     Who did Jephthah offer as a sacrifice to God in return for his victory over the Ammonites?

A.     His daughter                                C. His sister

B.      His mother                                   D. His wife


Day 7: Samson and the Philistines (pg.202)

1.     How many years were the People of Israel enslaved to the Philistines?

A.      10 years                                                               C. 20 years

B.      40 years                                                               D. 30 years


2.     What did Samson’s mother promise to God?

A.     To move to Israel                              C. Not to cut Samson’s hair

B.      To never eat meat                             D. To cut Samson’s hair


Fill in the Blanks (Judges 11:30):

“And ______________ made a vow to the ________________, and said, “If You


will indeed ________________ the people of _______________ into my hands,


then it will be that whatever comes out of the ______________ of my house to


meet me, when I return in ________________ from the people of Ammon, shall


surely be the ______________, and I will offer it up as a _______________




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